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  1. The track was done by like 2:30 at XX. It'll be fine but I doubt there will be a freestyle track walk. It's at 4 so kids can go to school the next day. I have my college exams the next day but I'm still buying tickets haha.
  2. look at this for a fun run


  3. Going to revamp and open a new sign up. Bone of the old rules or signups apply. Restarting Early June.
  4. Glad to hear more people interested in sign up! Look for a brand new announcement on Saturday!
  5. Quite a few. Max D's 2 were good. Everything up to 2015 was perfect.
  6. Hey there! Among the many other items being sold after World Finals, here is the crowning jewel, a competition used piece of the Grave Digger truck, signed by Dennis, Adam, Ryan, and Krysten Anderson, Charlie Pauken, Morgan Kane, Tyler Menninga, Randy Brown, and Brandon Vinson. The piece is 4 feet long and 1 foot tall. Offers can be placed below or DM'ed to me. Also look for my other auction with over 5 pieces of memorabilia from multiple competing trucks! Thanks and happy bidding!
  7. Colton easily could've cleared 10. Kind of a lame encore though. Needed more substance other than the one jump. Fire and Ice encore was just a recycled Double Down Showdown/ Thursday encore we'dvs seen too many times. Donuts, a few jumps, then flips.
  8. Every 12 year old on instagram: OmG yOu SpOiLeD IT!!!
  9. Nah revamp is coming soon over the summer. Had more time to think.
  10. Wouldve loved to have seen Randy Brown in instead of Scott. He went BIG last year in Detroit, among other famous leaps.
  11. My money's on the one that jumps 7 is the WFXX display truck. Maybe Tom driving.
  12. Wow. Cold. Almost as cold as the truck. This trucks' already been made @Niko Stevinski. I'll post pics after work.
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