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  1. I've been away from the RoR scene for quite a while, what ever happened to the BeamNg idea? The CRD mod is something I actually enjoy messing with. I tried to search the forum for a reason so ppl wouldn't cry about me asking but couldn't find anything.
  2. I just took the Body and Chassis and put it in the SUD(2.0) file lol, for some reason Crazy's stuff wasn't showing even though I have them downloaded. Actually pretty nice, and updated gas tank would've been cool.
  3. Yo fellow monsters, let me start off by stating I'm severely impressed with the direction all the new trucks have gone with the level of detail. Like I noticed the new Razin Kane truck has puke tubes running from the headers, I dig that a lot. Kudos to you designers. The driver models that sit in the seats are cool for visuals, however, I don't really care for them because a lot of times I like to ride from the inside to make it more immersive but the shield on the helmet of the model blocks the inside camera so I have to choose a different truck, or camera. Which sucks because I love to check out the newest trucks that are released, inside and out, and a lot of times I end up using them quite often. So instead of picking a different truck or camera, I was wondering if there was a way to remove the driver model, or is the model tied in with the seat model as well? It's not a great big deal or anything, I was just wondering if it was possible. Thanks!
  4. I absolutely love the truck, it looks great and drives great, but something about this truck and only this truck makes me drop about 40fps. I tested it without the knuckles, and the driveshaft and it still dumped my fps. Idk if it's just my computer or what but no other truck does it, and I see no one else has complained so Idk what's going on. Either way, great truck ! Just wish I could use it
  5. Yeah I know about the U option but it's hard to keep my mind on the driving when I have to press U every time I switch camera views. I was wondering if there was a way to completely remove it, like permanently out of my game. Thanks for trying to help though guys.
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