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  1. Could you make a track for my RORCS League?


  2. [TRACK] (Include in topic title) ex: [TRACK] RORCS Arena Custom ( Model of Reno) Name: RORCS Arena Venue: Macon, GA. Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: Up coming event for my new League RORCS Images/Graphics: Other details: Instead of dirt ramps, I need two lanes of 4 cars one lane with red cars and the other lane with black cars. Where the small table top is I need a Jammer stack in red, The step up jump needs to be a small bus stack and the jump ramp that is next to it needs to be a crushable RV with car leading up to it. The purple tarp/stands needs to change to red and add some banners of these sponsors: AAP, Lucas Oil, RORCS, BKT, Monster Jam and AXE Find Your Magic. The turning poles make them black instead of purple. and the scoreboard in middle of the track make it have the logo's of RORCS.
  3. A friend of mine past away last weekend and I wanted someone to make a truck in memory for him I have everything listed below and I already have the paint done just not the rest of the details that IDK how to add, Plus don't make it cloned Truck: EXIT LIGHT Chassis: The Ripper Body 2010 Dodge Ram Tailgate: " In memory of a fun & great friend always the life of every Karaoke Saturday Night, Miss you HAL!! 2018" Hood: Grave Digger Ghost Logo custom as in pic below Sides: Cross bone Flags Logo pic below Roof: Hot Rod Logo Flames Tires: Firestone or Goodyear doesn't really matter with White rims Bodyless Version also with Flags on back Flags on back of truck - White with Light Silver Logo's of Red Bull Energy Drink. Image/Paint:
  4. Can someone fix something on one of my trucks because I want it to shoot out Green Flames like this truck is shooting out Red flames I can send you the link in a inbox message if someone can do that for me? I want the green flames shooting out of this truck right here
  5. You still have my main poster to do as well right?
  6. My Light Blue Jester, re-painted b4 the new pack of Jester's came out
  7. I know I wanted it that way, I didn't want just the flames to be blue like you do, just do a repaint and you show be fine
  8. I haven't requested a track in a long while so I thought I try this out and see who will make this for me?? Name: World Finals Freestyle Custom Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium Racing Style: none but in real life J-Hook Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: N/A Images/Graphics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mdlgc8npf5e0fkd/DZF8nBlVQAAC8ws.jpg Other details: Where all the Yellow is, change that color to White, and make another version so there's two tracks, One with all the paint on the track, the other where all the paint has come off the track but add more to the track, on the left side lane add a Green Car, Black Van and White Car stack. On the right side lane add a Smash able RV and inside the Fountain put another RV but with logo's of Team Scream on it. and add a Double Back flip Wall in the middle like the Encore at this year's WF for both track parts.
  9. I've done a re-paint on the 30th Ann. Purple truck and made it blue http://www.mediafire.com/file/w9ixvc2up326bd6/Blue Grave Digger.jpg
  10. Dude it look's insane and thanks a million, can't wait for the next one.
  11. View File Mickey's Ride 78 EL Camino Black Out Update This is a re-upload of the first one just made it a Blackout style EL Camino, body is now painted like the real thing and I made the tires all black. Submitter Screamer Submitted 06/06/2018 Category V4 Customs  
  12. Version 2.0.0


    This is a re-upload of the first one just made it a Blackout style EL Camino, body is now painted like the real thing and I made the tires all black.
  13. View File Money Maker Everything was made by Garrett Hanson, but it was made for my friend Devon. I fixed some things : Driver's Helmet, Driver's Suit, Inside of the Rims. This is a very powerful Dodge Ram so use it well. If you want to use it in a league be my guest but it has to be a league that goes on YouTube so that I can see whoever uses it in action and it better win something! Submitter Screamer Submitted 04/18/2018 Category V4 Customs  
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