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  1. Beautiful new paints/versions man! Glad I could help on a couple of these!
  2. Also please watch this line up video and pick your top 24 trucks in the comment section! The 24 with the most votes will go head to head in racing, best trick, and freestyle in my All Star Challenge that will be posted on my channel! You dont even have to subscribe for your vote to count! Although it is greatly appreaciated
  3. Never mind. I had it delete and re-instal a resource folder in program files. I'm testing now but I'm pretty sure my sounds are still gunna be busted..still no fix for that unfortunately. Long story short dont mess with the resources folder. and even more so: dont extract every truck you download for 4 years.
  4. Hey, so. I was desperately trying to get my sounds to work again, doing anything i could think of to try and help myself. One of those things being moving the sounds/soundscripts that werent working from the vehicles folder into the sounds folder in ROR Resources. Once i did that i cleared the cache and attempted to regen and i get this error message EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If anyone could PLEASE help me out i Really would appreciate it. I have no idea what to even try to do to fix it. I've even tried to go directly to the ROR site forum but the website wont send a confirmation e-mail to either one of my e-mails and i've tried re-sending MULTIPLE times.
  5. I know I know I'm sorry! I feel bad for double posting but I'm really excited about this one and wanna get the word out about this video so I can get some votes down in the comments! Be sure to check the description for a little background info as well! THANKS GUYS AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 😁
  6. Yea i figured that out eventually. But the damage has already been done for 3-5 years and thank you
  7. So, it seems like the issue is that I've extracted nearly every single truck i've downloaded. That being said, my sounds Only work on v4 trucks (GraveDiggerEngine, GraveDiggerStarter only) and the trucks that are still in a zip. So my question is: Is there a way to get my sounds to work even though all my trucks are unpacked? Or am i Screwed?
  8. *Copy and pasted from my description* "Be Sure to subscribe for more freestyles and a 3 tour season series! Each tour will have six shows with 16 trucks. TOUR LINE UPS will be announced November 30th! No official start dates on the tours yet! VOTING FOR TRUCKS to be in the All Star Challenge will be open November 30th and will continue until the Final show of the final tour. Every vote will be counted, but in order to be counted You must and can only vote on the Tour line up video! You can Vote Only for trucks COMPETING IN THE 3 TOURS EITHER AS MAIN FIELD OR SUBS. If your vote contains trucks not in the tour line up video they arent going to be added in to the ASC."
  9. Soooooo my sounds dont work but heres a video.. adding music later
  10. Ooo yikes... thank you I never thought of that tbh
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