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  1. View File Destroyed BKT's People seemed to really like the other "usedbkt's" i painted and put on my trucks before since they started popping up in other packs so I figured why not post my newest rendition for those interested. These are more brown and dirty but around similar in terms of wear on the logos. Hope you guys like em. For clarification I dont take credit for the actual tire just the new texture Submitter P3ForLife Customs Submitted 08/27/2019 Category Truck Building Items  
  2. I cant tell if you have spec/shine on it. That's one of the easiest things to take your paint to a more realistic/releasable level.
  3. Dont Wanna show too much but Im really excited for this pack to come out when its finished. Its been really fun!
  4. If enough people want this I'll release it but if theres not much of a want for it ill keep it private: MY AVENGER ICE! COMPLETE WITH SPARKLES. And yes before you say anything, I switched out the chassis with a Spec-tacular...and shine-tacular...one.
  5. The track was stressing me out so in this break im taking I made this thing Still gotta add a couple tweaks but its almost there already. (sorry Spidey looks like poo, the hood has to be mirrored according to the bake 😕 plus i couldnt find the ACTUAL spider-man image they used for the front) Also I made this to commemorate 420 rep lol (Forgive me for possibly violating any community guidelines i may be forgetting I just thought itd be funny) Last one lol. Has anyone seen this Pupper?? He dont bite I promise.
  6. Koehler limps back to the pits after an amazing run. first time this has happened to me with a non-breakable lol
  7. Super fireeeee. Love unique setup of a lot of your ramps
  8. I uhhhhh...I havent done the whole bake thing..currently watching tutorials lol. As for the fans I dont think I'm cool enough for that. Can you possibly send a more preferred crowd texture if/when you have a chance? I'll map out walk ways and such once I get around to stadium details. Thanks for the advice! Needed some lol
  9. Sorry for double post but the thread is SUPER dead right now. Small update on my track sorry its kind of a mess with scaling trucks everywhere. Been focusing on the little details that I think are really gunna bring the track to life.
    Glad I could help. Trucks look great and run like a dream. Some of the best handling on the site!
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