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  1. Yep...there it is. They lost me once again. I was with em up to this point but that doesnt look promising for my taste...not that it matters, just an opinion/observation
  2. To be fair I'm going into this blind aside from the 3 qual passes I've seen from today. But anyways: DDS https://challonge.com/tournaments/WorldFinalsXXDDSBracket2/predictions/341353/edit?token=f728d2a0543f013786aa02420a00068a Ochs is taking it RACING https://challonge.com/tournaments/WorldFinalsXXRacingBracket/predictions/341356/edit?token=753b9130544001379f3802420a00068f -ryan for the win
  3. Upload the image to imgur then paste the direct link in your post
  4. i know, i was saying thats what i disliked about the Rock Star truck(s). Made them ugly (IMO). This one actually looks good was my point, really unique and cool looking.
  5. Finally...that short wheel-base, tall truck truck thing was killing me. This looks promising
  6. No ones talked about it here so it's probably common knowledge already but I'll just leave it here for those who dont know: First official (non world finals) Vegas show was this past weekend. Ryan Anderson took racing and freestyle Camden Murphy took 2 wheel
  7. First off: sorry I couldn't erase the post on my phone for what ever reason. But anyways: WOW. So we see a VERY small view at the body damage in the game and damn. I think it looks great and it's something I'm really looking forward to see fully. A couple things I have personal issues with of course: ruts seem too deep too soon but honestly its whatever and obviously the trailer is REALLY short...I'd say too short to get a good feel of it or if I'm willing to preorder at this point. But later along the line there will most likely be more shown off. Last, the backflip off the safety dumpster itself....kinda gross in my opinion. Leaves a bad taste it my mouth considering that's what finished off the video. It doesn't really help the whole realism thing everyones hoping for. Sorry for the mini rant but the damage got me excited kinda needing to see more.
  8. Wow this is dead... please don't hate me...lol figured I'd share this part of my life here as well and this is the only "non-monster truck/racing" video thread. I dance and edit videos so heres a link to my most recent video/channel(3 days ago) . If you don't know im the white one.
  9. Ooo that afterburner concept truck in any future plans? Lol
  10. yea that came on the original truck i just hadn't deleted it yet
  11. Will most likely be releasing this in an update to the KIW Racing pack along with Super Sonic, Gear Head, and others. (Will be getting rid of all the red bits for a more ??favorable?? color and will lose the flag..dont want it.)
  12. Sorry for a dumb question but I cant download right now to find out: are those new GYs? Or the old ones? They look different to me for some reason. But the again I'm not the brightest knife in the shed so..
  13. View File Power Forward (04-06) MERRY CHRISTMAS PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT AN EXACT REPLICA. It fits my purpose which was to have the truck in game. This was a nice project i spent roughly a week on. just had the desire to have power forward so made something to fill the place until someone decides they can do it better. as always hope you enjoy and dont be afraid to comment for any fixes or credits i need to add. Credits: Chassis- Nick Kozak D-Shaft- Blaise Paint (Body), some prop replacement- Me Body- Sheets 4-Links- V5 pack makers Splitshield- Crazy Other things- Chris & V4 pack makers many other Sm Community members MINI TEMPLATE: ZONR Submitter P3ForLife Submitted 12/19/2018 Category V4 Customs  
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