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  1. Koehler limps back to the pits after an amazing run. first time this has happened to me with a non-breakable lol
  2. Super fireeeee. Love unique setup of a lot of your ramps
  3. I uhhhhh...I havent done the whole bake thing..currently watching tutorials lol. As for the fans I dont think I'm cool enough for that. Can you possibly send a more preferred crowd texture if/when you have a chance? I'll map out walk ways and such once I get around to stadium details. Thanks for the advice! Needed some lol
  4. Sorry for double post but the thread is SUPER dead right now. Small update on my track sorry its kind of a mess with scaling trucks everywhere. Been focusing on the little details that I think are really gunna bring the track to life.
    Glad I could help. Trucks look great and run like a dream. Some of the best handling on the site!
  5. It's a completely custom track I'm working on
  6. WORK IN PROGRESS!! Still a lot to do but I figured i'd give you guys a lil taste
  7. YESSSSS...been wanting a GOOD get er done for a while and I see that chrome hotwheels digger 🔥🔥🔥🔥 yet another truck I've been hoping for! This week is gunna be dooopppee. Trucks look great!
  8. And someone's already working on it. Please be patient...content creating is more than ask and recieve.
  9. Got a big project coming!!! Starting very very soon! But I need help as I'm not the best with blender and it/I never seem to work right in the final stages. I would really appreciate it if a couple people would be willing to help with/do the following: - Making some objects "transparent" as to allow trucks to pass through them - Exporting and getting it in game Anybody willing to help please comment or PM me! Again I havent yet started the project but within the next couple days I'll have begun construction! Also on a related note: what version of blender is everyone using so we're capable of collabing and sending the .blend files back n forth with minimal complications as I'm sure there'll already be a few with this being my first BIG track
  10. hey I got one of those too! Still got a couple minor things (headlights and windows) but 2 more coming up for that avenger pack! The Unholy trinity
  11. Sending this over to sweg tomorrow! He'll be releasing it with his next Avenger pack WHEN HES READY! Excited for you guys to get this one!
  12. Probably gunna throw the body/rims on a different maxD with the stiff meents node and coils and all that.. the one I threw it on today is a custom one with the rummel avenger node I use for fun
  13. This one im actually putting some effort into so if it ever goes up it'll be as accurate as i could get it. THIS on the other hand took me an hour and is no where near (nor is it meant to be) accurate. this may or may not go up in a week or so just to holdover those who are like me until the GOOD content creators feel like making a super dope version. (By that I mean people who dont care so much about accuracy at the moment but really want a fire Max-D to use.)
  14. Yep...there it is. They lost me once again. I was with em up to this point but that doesnt look promising for my taste...not that it matters, just an opinion/observation
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