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  1. Trucks that you wish to bring back...

    Rap Attack is still around..........
  2. Bad Company

  3. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: NoName: Kyle KnickerbockerHometown: Fowlerville MIPreferred Event Day: FridayTruck Name: TBATruck Download Link: TBA If TeamTeam Name: High Velocity RacingShop Location: Center Point, IowaCaptain: Shane RoedigerBudget: $40,000Members: Shane Roediger, Sean Ryan, Kyle Knickerbocker, David KarlsonTouring Partners/Groups: TBA
  4. The Punisher

    No body for me
  5. Soldier Fortune (Doom's Day)

    this thing stupid
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    The monster jam logo is way to big oh and its not ur paint
  7. Two Wheel Skills Competition

    2 wheels is on racing
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Killer job man! Can't wait to drive it!
  9. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Truck that I am working on for a friend
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    My current WIP
  12. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  13. Stafford Custom 2017

    I like the track but the back flip sucks
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Track that me and @nks1996 that we are working on for a tour. It is based on MT Pleasant.
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    New tack that me and @nks1996 are working on. Nathan made most of the jumps so far. https://imgur.com/04TcHPr