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    Hey, I Want You To Make The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Pack, Can You Do It For Me?
    Sorry, This Truck Dosen't Have Engine File
    Your truck dosen't have Engine File!!!
    your Truck dosen't have Engine file!!!
    I Already Have A Outlaw Monster truck
    You Don't Have A Engine Sound File In Your Pack!!!
    Hey Dude, Can You Make All The Gunslinger/Slinger Monster Trucks For Your Quarantine Pack, Please? We're Gonna Miss The Legendary Driver Scott Hartsock So Much.
    I Don't Hear Your Engine Sound File In that Mod
    Your Truck Dosen't Have A Engine Sound File, Can You Fix It?
    Your Truck Dosen't Have A Engine Sound File
  1. I Hope Someone Make A ROR Content Monster Truck Pack Of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live With All The Bone Shakers, All The HW Racing 1's, All The Demo Derbys, All The Bigfoots, All the Tiger Sharks, All The V8 Bombers, Mega Wrex, Race Ace & 5 Alarm. I'll Wait For Them In The Downloads
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