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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Maybe they did 2 bodies? 🤔
  2. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Personally i love the design. It is really simple yet unique.
  3. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Honestly i really just want to see a track that is not entirely too cluttered with obstacles. Maybe some throwback type of obstacles like a fountain step up in the center, the container idea sounds awesome too, and overall pay a homage to past WF shows. However, i know that whatever they come up with i will be so stoked no matter what!
  4. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Im really excited for the DDS. Filled with drivers I personally have never seen compete. Hell, even the main field is filled with drivers I have never seen! Could be one of the best WF shows to date.
  5. WF19 Attendees?

    The Clear Bag Policy is actually a very good safety measure. Yeah it sucks for people wanting to bring a back pack but its all about making things safer.
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Anybody think there will be special bodies this year since its the last time in Vegas? Im honestly thinking so.
  7. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I really like the lineup this year tbh. Packed full of drivers capable of winning it all!
  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Jimmy Creten is my pick for Racing. The dude is mad fast.
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Fingers crossed the announcements come tomorrow! I can' wait any longer!
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Well poop 😂 I meant Dragon 😂😂😂
  11. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Thank you for confirming. I didnt read enough in to the page. I also hope Cam gets in based on his past WF performances. Here is my list for the final 15 to get in the main field (non DDS) 1. Lindsey Weenk - Lucas Oil Crusader 2. Rosalee Ramer - WildFlower 3. Marc McDonald - FS1 Cleatus 4. Jimmy Creten - Bounty Hunter 5. Jon Zimmer - Jon Zimmer 6. Colton Eichelberger - Maximum Destruction 7. Becky McDonough - El Toro Loco 8. Candice Jolly - Monster Mutt Dalmation (its obvious she will be in anyway) 9. Bryce Kenny - Mohawk Warrior (another obvious pick) 10. Matt Pagliarulo - Jester (WHY NOT?) 11. Cole Venard - Black Pearl 12. Colt Stephens - Zombie/BroDozer (Have a feeling the truck will be debuted for Vegas) 13. Chad Fortune - Soldier Fortune (OBVIOUS) 14. Camden Murphy - Pirates Curse 15. Cam McQueen - Northern Nightmare
  12. World Finals XIX Discussion

    So, we are expecting to find out 14 of the final 15 Main Field competitors this week according to Monster Jams latest WF Announcements. The 15th and Final will be announced after the final Arena Tour ends this weekend. Who are your picks for the final 14? I have so many names but having to narrow it down to 14 is nearly impossible. EDIT**** According to the WF page there are only 16 spots for the main field. I hope it is a error. I would be overly upset if the show was narrowed by half.....
  13. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Just like that we have another WF competitor! Tristan England wins the Triple Threat West Tour!
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Its official! Tyler Menninga clinched the the Triple Threat Central Tour! Cant wait to see him in Vegas!
  15. WF19 Attendees?

    I have to admit i was hesitant on going. Nearly $300 for 2 tickets is unbelievable.
  16. WF19 Attendees?

    I will be there! First time in 5 years!
  17. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I have him on my prediction list!
  18. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I am REALLY hoping Jester gets a spot in the main show. From what he told me before the Glendale show he has an awesome body in mind for the show if he gets in. Plus, imagine the HUGE air he would get!
  19. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Then I think we will go to both pit parties! Im not a World Finals rookie per say as i have been to 3 but it has been 5 years since my last World Finals. Thank you!
  20. World Finals XIX Discussion

    So, i have an honestly serious question for those who have gone in the past few years of the 2 Day Shows. Is it worth going to the pit party both days or just one? This is my first time going for the 2 day show and I'm wondering if there are different things that go one during the 2 pit parties. I didn't buy the double down package since i am on a limited budget for this trip. Plus, its my girlfriends first ever trip to Vegas and she turns 21 the weekend before. If you guys could offer help that would be wonderful!
  21. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    They could easily still do Vegas Style racing in Glendale if WF was brought here which im sure it will eventually. Also, with the amount of room the stadium has it could be one of the best venues available besides Sam Boyd.
  22. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Have they announced how many trucks will be at this years World Finals? I am assuming 32 but i am almost expecting there to be a few more for some reason. I'm thinking 32-36.
  23. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Looks like I heard correct from Jester then 😏 but, I am open to the changes! It sounds promising!
  24. How many monster truck shows have you been to?

    -Chase Field- Phoenix, AZ (MONSTER JAM) *2004 *2005 *2006 *2007 *2008 *2009 *2010 *2011 *2012 *2013 *2014 *2015 -Tucson Convention Center- Tucson, AZ (MONSTER JAM) *2014 *2016 (2 Shows) -Sam Boyd Stadium- Las Vegas, NV (MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS) *2009 *2012 *2013 *2018 -Firebird International Raceway- Chandler, AZ (NON MONSTER JAM) *2008 *2009 *2010 *2011 *2012 *2013 -University Of Phoenix Stadium- Glendale, AZ (AMP LIVE EVENTS AND MONSTER JAM) *2006 *2009 *2016 (February) *2017 (February) *2017 (October) *2018 (February -Payson Rodeo Grounds- Payson, AZ (UNKNOWN PROMOTER) *1999 -ARIZONA STATE FAIR (All Star Monster Truck Tour) *2016 TOTAL 32 SO FAR! *****NOT INCLUDING VEGAS THIS YEAR*******
  25. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    So, its official! I just bought my seats for the World Finals! So excited to be back in Vegas for the first time in 5 years! Cant wait to see everyone's predictions as well as put together my own for the lineup!