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  1. So, to begin with. Hello everyone! 😀 I may be new to this site and Rigs of Rods in general, but certainly not to the world of monster trucks or Monster Truck Madness and it's sequel Monster Truck Madness 2! I was amazed at how awesome Rigs of Rods is in comparison to those officially Monster Jam-licensed games are. Utter trash in my opinion. But Rigs of Rods, now we're talking realism! Compared to something like Monster Jam Maximum Destruction. Vehicular combat? what were they thinking… Anyway, my first question to anyone who is able to answer is, how can I attach a pull sled to, say, Bigfoot III? That's the truck I've spawned in the 1985 Blizzard arena/stadium, but I cannot see a hitch to hook up the sled's chain to? I fear I might be needing to get a truck specifically designed with a hitch? Best regards, Skull Kid
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