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SMRA World Finals 3, July 9th

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If anyone that did not get an earned invite to the world finals would like to participate as a fill in, please let me know on here!

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Thanks to everyone to who showed up today, we might not have had a full field but the event was still a good one start to finish!
Congrats to our SMRA Season 3 World Finals racing champion Andrew Wamsley in Wonder Wagon and freestyle champion Juilo Vellon Jr in Empire 4.0! Will post a full event recap tomorrow!

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SMRA Season 3 World Finals:

All trucks receive $6,000 booking pay for attending the World Finals as travel cost is based from your shop locations and not from the last event you participated in!

Wonder Wagon $3,000
Snap On Torque $2,500
Dragon $2,500 (due to event director messing up the racing brackets, Dragon receives runner up pay) 
Tuff Luck $2,000
Strength and Honor $1,500
The Bootlegger $1,500
Bottoms Up $1,500
Monster Energy Pro 4 $1,500
Wreckless Intent $1,000
Kontrol Freek $1,000
Night Rider $1,000
Punisher $1,000
Screamin Evil $1,000
Canadian Crippler $1,000
Tip'D $1,000
Red Bull Steel Phantom $1,000

Empire $3,000
Dragon $2,500
Snap On Torque $2,000
The Bootlegger $1,500
Tuff Luck $1,500
Kontrol Freek $1,000
Night Rider $1,000
Screamin Evil $1,000
Canadian Crippler $900
Wreckless Intent $900
Strength and Honor $800
Monster Energy Pro 4 $700
Wonder Wagon $600
Punisher $500
Bottoms Up $400

The Bootlegger, x2 soft rolls and 1 hard roll -$11,000
Empire, 1 violent roll -$6,000
Bottoms Up, 1 violent roll -$6,000
Dragon, 1 hard roll -$8,000
Screamin Evil, 1 hard roll -$5,000
Wonder Wagon, 1 medium roll -$4,000
Punisher, 1 medium roll -$4,000
Night Rider, x2 soft rolls -$6,000
Strength and Honor, wall hit -$4,000
Kontrol Freek, 1 soft roll -$3,000
Monster Energy Pro 4, 1 soft roll -$3,000
Canadian Crippler, 1 soft roll -$3,000
Snap On Torque, 1 soft roll -$3,000

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3 hours ago, Outlawed said:

No I will be doing that for my season recap thread.

Speaking of that, I just wanna bring up an observation that I've seen over Season 3. Every tour that The Machine Shop took part in, the members of that team took home all the points championships for those tours. 2 of them got triple crown points championships and that would be Me and Robbie. Matt had 2 points championships for overall and racing and the team's owner Kozak tied with Chadwick for the freestyle points championship. So as a team total, The Machine Shop took home 9 out of 12 points championships. The only tour that The Machine Shop did not take part in was the West Stadium tour. This says a lot about the talent that The Machine Shop has.

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