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Preston Perez

0.4.6 - Return Fun Run @ Southaven 2016 - 12/4/16

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Welcome: It's been well over half a year since I have last hosted an event of any kind! I found myself some free time this weekend, so I think I am going to put on a little fun run to see if I am still capable of being a good host. I hope to see a lot of new faces as well as some old ones! Looking forward to a great show!

Event Information:
-We are using Rigs of Rods version 0.4.6
-You may use any truck of your choosing.
-If you sign-up and show up, you're automatically welcome to compete!
-The night will consist of wheelies, Chicago style racing, and freestyle competition.
-The event will be held through Discord.
-Server will be provided.
-If you need to take truck files out of your game to prevent lag, please do so before it is your turn to compete or you may be skipped.
-Live results will be provided.
-Be quick about getting in game.

Event Date:

Event Time:
Event chat opens Sunday @ 5:30 PM EST
Event begins Sunday @ 6:00 PM EST

Event Rules:
http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/8138-imtrs-season-2-rulespoint-system/ (Follows the same format as IMTRS)

Track - http://www.mediafire.com/file/15wszwp43lea2ib/Southaven2016.zip
Discord - https://discord.gg/czVWUJJ
Bracket - http://challonge.com/funrunsouthaven120416
Wheelie/Freestyle Results - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l0un2GIuYygsJ0f2UskBhgTe1-eK560cb_Hw21IrTcc/edit?usp=sharing

Field of Trucks: Jester driven by Chris Bialek, Full Boar driven by Dalton Widner, Identity Theft driven by Trenton Ray, Wild Thang driven by Trevor Hellings, Heavy Hitter driven by Joey Burgy, Hooligan driven by Aaron Gillis, Illuminator driven by Patrick Horne, Avenger driven by Michael Alford, Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog driven by Brandon Scalf, Carolina Crusher driven by Chris Chatham, and Rage driven by Max Halpert!

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8 minutes ago, green_king_yt said:


discord: green king-bus 8301

night life 


This is my custom truck and it specifically said in the description that you need permission to use it. I'm sorry, but you will need to pick a different truck

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Trevor Hellings

Trevor Hellings

maximum dysfunction o.e

i'm actually unsure if i'm going to make it or not but whatever

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