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Welcome to Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers

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Whats up Guys it's myself Jeremiah Price or as my friends call me RoRMadnessTV. I'm here to announce that I will be starting up my League Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers. The co-owners of this league are Yovany Rayos (Monsterjammer99) and Alex Lindgren (Voth). We are so excited to say that this league will be starting up and is open to the Sim Monsters Community. Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers is going to be a very fun expirience for everyone here on Sim Monsters. The events will be livestreamed so everybody can watch the madness unfold!


If you would like to view our rulebook here is the link:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ic3KCXwQ0_bOPDudgDxLa_T9I2reKQt384w322QXCoM/edit

We hope to get a lot of sign ups and have an awesome time here at Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers!

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OHHH Man I wold LOVE to do this but because my computer is SO SLOW i wont be able to do it :(

Don't worry, bro. RoRMadnessTV has a really bad computer as well, but he's getting a new one soon, hopefully.

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