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SSRS Preseason Event 2: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015: Remington County Fairgrounds

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Name: Blaise
AIM: rockgodboss@gmail.com
Truck: northern nitemare
   Download Link (if applicable):
Rank: Rook



If you are Rookie, you cannot run a Platinum truck.

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what truck can i use/? ill be any



Also as a note, we will be following general rankings for sign-ups.  They will be joined as follows:
  • Platinum
  • Gold & Silver
  • Bronze & Rookie
Basically, for this eventm, you can pick more trucks that may be a rank higher than you (ie: Silver Driver Guy can run a Gold truck, as well as anything below his rank).
Here is a blank sign-up for everyone to use.
Download Link (if applicable):
You do not need to state a reason for your rank as this is just a Preseason Event.  Also remember that you must pick from the correct ranks, which can be seen here:


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AIM Chat will be opened at 7:45 est/6:45 cst!


Full results can be seen here:



20 trucks will be in the freestyle competition.  Meaning spots 17-20 will be freestyling, so if you are in those spots, make sure you are around to freestyle!


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Alright, had a pretty good event last night, ran the event fairly quickly (2.5 hours).  Obstacle course was a bit rough of a rough ride for a few people, but still was an interesting course.  Congrats to Colt Durham for picking up the win.  Racing went by competitively as well, close races and the such.  Congrats to Aaron Lurie for winning that bracket as well.  Freestyle was also competitive, having a three way tie all the way up to Devin Doss, who has won back-to-back freestyles so far this year.  Hope to see this much of a turn-out next weekend for our first double event weekend (Friday and Saturday).



On a more serious note, the immaturity in the AIM Chat will not be tolerated.  Simply put, three people are permanently banned from this league, and I am not going to let stuff slide because "I'm sorry" or "it was just a joke."  If you are going to do something in the AIM Chat that would result in you getting in trouble on the site, don't do it.  Simple as that.


Just for the sake of reminding everyone the rules on the AIM Chat, here they are:




  1. Listen to all officials in the AIM Chat.

  2. Text size must be smaller than that of officials to better differentiate important information and casual chat.

    1. You may customize your font and colors as you wish (chats are supposed to be fun, not a library).

    2. Any spamming of messages will not be tolerated and will be met with appropriate actions. Continuous spamming will cause you to be automatically removed from the AIM Chat, we are not required to add you back to the chat if you are removed for malicious spamming.

  3. All drivers must attend the Driver’s Meeting in order to race.

    1. Once the meeting has started, everyone is to remain quiet.

      1. There will be a meeting prior to the start of racing and one before the start of freestyle.  Both covering specific details for that situation.

      2. Server info will be reposted in the event a server change occurred.

      3. Hold all questions until we announce you may ask them.

  4. The AIM Chat is supposed to be a relaxed, fun environment.  You may type freely as you wish, however posting anything that would infringe the same rules on the Sim-Monsters Public Forum will result in appropriate reactions.

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