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  1. I have not been on this game in a very long while, I recently downloaded the new 0.4 and i have been having issues with the tires such as the BKT's and the new tires that have recently came out on the site such as the new SIR tires. I have yet to find a solution for this and i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction? -Thanks in advance.
  2. griffin Bishop clb947@yahoo.com el toro loco (McDonald)
  3. Griffin Bishop clb947@yahoo.com hooked
  4. Griffin El toro loco black aim: clb947@yahoo.com
  5. Griffin Bishop clb947@yahoo.com El toro loco 2014 Mcdonald
  6. I recently downloaded RoR .4.5.1 and it looks great. But im having problems with the trucks being entirely black and whit. Does anybody know how to fix it?
  7. im on 0.38 and the shocks isn't showing up. any idea how to fix it?
  8. have been wanting this track because it was one of the first tracks made for RORMJ. if anybody knows where it is can you help me. thanks
  9. I put some grave digger sounds a long time ago. I put a new sound pack in earlier, and i replaced the sounds. but it stays the same as the one i got a long time ago. so i tried to get rid of it, but it didn't work. Can somebody help me?
  10. name: Griffin Bishop truck: barbarian 2015 Link:
  11. i have a question, some of the trucks say there saved and visible on the notpad but when i go ingame it doesnt show up
  12. i guess there not staying saved because you r right, but how do i save it correctly
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