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2014 Bigfoot 19 Blue

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About This File

Here is my Summer Stadium Racing Series ride for the season. This is an updated Bigfoot 19, with the Bigfoot 18 style paint scheme that the truck ran for a few car crushes and a few Monster X events.

Mirror 1 - High Quality(Large Textures)

Mirror 2 - Low Quality(Small Textures)


Shocks/Rims/Body+Rim+Shock Textures - Me

Tires - Klayton

ISP Seat/Suspension Editing - Crazy

Chassis - Kozak

Body - Andrew Sheets

Logos - Google

Engine - Matt Wilkinson

Everything else - V4/V4.5 Creators

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It comes up and says it's missing the files for "ZF Axel New". Is there another truck I can get that has those axels?

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