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Bounty Hunter (Jim Creten - 2014 Version)

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About This File

Here is Jim Creten's Bounty Hunter from the 2014 season!


Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) - Prop placement, suspension set-up, shock models/textures, RII box model/textures, rear steering motor model/texture, steering ram model/textures, axle housing model editing/textures, rim model editing/texture editing, shifter model/textures, engine texture editing, engine plate models, sponsor plate models, pedal animation editing

Chris Hamilton (worldfinals) - Paint, gauges models/textures, switch box model/texture, sponsor plate textures, steering wheel texture editing, fire extinguisher model/textures

Klayton Halog (RockCrwlr) - Tire models/textures, body model

Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko) - Engine model/textures, brake calipers model/texture

Ethan Dean - Steering wheel model/texture

Johan Seminario (acdcfan56) - Rim models/textures, pedals models/textures, sway bar arm model/textures, transmission model/textures

Michael Murray (crazyman444) - Seat model/texture, axle housing model/texture, transfer case model/texture, radiator model/textures, radiator fan model/textures

Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed) - Chassis model, headers model, sway bar model

Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers - Everything else not listed



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Been waiting ages for this one! did not disappoint. killer truck to drive. looking forward to driving extensively.

Yeah, I had it sitting for quite a while, then life got crazy busy, so I had no time to really fine tune it. Finally got around to it in the past few days and I can finally say I'm done with this thing. It shouldn't have taken a few months to make, but whatever. It's out there now for you guys to enjoy. Haha.

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Love it, but it seems a little longer than the real thing. Oh well, for some reason, no two bounty hunter designs look like they were put on the same body to me.

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