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This has been sitting around for far too long. loved making it. Enjoy everyone!


Body- Andrew Sheets

Paint- Myself

Chassis- Kozak

Rims- Marcus Santana

Tires & Battery Model- Rock Crwlr

Daniel Donnely- prop revisions and shock placement

Rest of the goodies- Respective Truck Makers

if i forgot anyone or am missing parts. please PM me.


Updated as of 2/3/2015

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While it's a good start, it's not quite accurate to the real truck; there are some issues that need to be fixed, one being the aforementioned sway bar arms. Beyond that, most all of the parts that are pink are the wrong shade (which includes the wheel inserts, planetaries, wheelie bar, 4 links, driveshaft loops, tie rods, sway bar links, and shocks), the knuckles should be black, the isp seat should be pink, incorrect shock models (although this can't be helped too much since we need more up to date shock models in the first place), and it should have uncut ecoworks tires, Sorry if my review sounds harsh, but being that this is supposed to be a replica, I'm gonna pick it apart.

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sway bars and shades of pink have been corrected. also, you may need to download Beau's 4x4 sound pack, if you haven't already.

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Better than what I can do.

What I can do:


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