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Gunslinger 1995-1997

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Finally decided to finish this. I've always liked the Gunslinger truck, and since Roach was having a competition for 90's tube trucks, this was my excuse to make one of my favorite versions. It probably won't win, but at least I can say I tried, and more content under my belt is always a good thing. The four-links aren't lined up because I'm a big dumb idiot who doesn't understand the concept of how to move them in the truck file because they just have to be different than moving other props.


Myself- Paint, body edits

Kozak- Chassis

Johan- Rims

Klayton- Tires

Andrew Sheets- Body

Crazy- Radiator

RKM- Gauges

Chris Hamilton's Monster Jam Official Yearbook (The real MVP here)- Gunslinger logo

Roach- Mega Power logo

V4/4.5 Makers- Everything else.



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