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Alright, Finally got this truck done!

Made this truck for Roach's Truck Contest, and it was made for Tom P. for SMRA!

Very fun project, and I enjoyed making this, one of my favorite trucks.

FIXED: all textures are there now, no more glitchy chassis, everything is good to go!


Klayton Halog- Transmission

Andrew Sheets- Body

Nicholas Kozak- Chassis

Wambo- Engine model

John Dough- Tires

Crazy-Radiator, fan

Myself- Everything else

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its perfect! I've been hoping someone would make this version of Bearfoot. thanks for making it and it looks great

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Maybe I'm just missing a few pieces, but it seems to be missing a couple textures for me. First, the knuckles on the passenger side wheels appear as white while the driver side knuckles seem to be either chrome or silver. There's also a bar at the front and back of the truck that the beams of the sway bars connect to. It appears as grey in your picture, but it's pure white for me. Also, the tarp on the back of the truck has this weird shiny effect to it. It's really shiny to the point where I can hardly ever see the design on it. It's like really reflective. I'm having this problem in the .4 version of the game if that makes any difference.

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hello i was wondering if i could use your truck as a base for a mod project thank you


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