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SMRA World Finals 2

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About This File

The track for the SMRA Finals, that's about it.


Stadium: Google Warehouse

Track Model and Paint: Me

Car Models: Danny Mackey and Klayton Haylog

Car Textures: MTM2

Stadium Textures: Google, Klayton, Danny and Various other Track Makers

Sorry if I forgot anyone


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What exactly is that top left obstacle? I've driven on this track for a few minutes, and I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to clear the thing in the middle, or what.


Excellent track, though. I love baseball field tracks. They always have fun layouts


EDIT- Well, I figured it out. I sky wheelied onto the pillar in the middle and it was sweet

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First of all, wayyyyyyyy too many cars, vans, busses, etc. On top of that, most of the jumps have a horrible landing place, for example so jumps land you on top of another obstacle or on flat ground, with the corner of another ramp waiting to trip you. Too many ramps too... Technical does not just mean a lot of obstacles. Technical is finding ways to be creative with your hits regardless of if the track has 8 ramps or 100 ramps. I am not bashing you as a developer because the track is well made in that you physically made it look real. However the track design itself is horrible.

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