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Grave Digger #20 2013

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So here is Grave Digger #20 that Dennis won 2 of his 4 world championships at the World Finals. People have been bugging the sh!t out of me to release it, and I forgot about it for about 4 months. It was a fun project, but a couple things are off. First, is the Sponsor plates; I couldn't make sponsor plates cause I had a baking issue, so I had borrow one (which sucks cause it's a custom one for JDR's GD19). Second, is the halo; my blender died on me and I couldn't get back in to make it black like the real truck. Third is the axles' tie rods; they were originally gray, but because of my blender issues I couldn't make new ones. So that's about it, besides that the pictures don't f%$king work for some reason.... Big thanks to Mark Colineri for making the new node beam. Hope you like it!

WARNING: This is a similar node beam, if not, the exact node beam used in Mark Colineri's Realistic Truck Pack. If you want to use this truck for competing, be sure to contact the league's moderator or owner to make sure it can be used to compete with.

Also; it is most likely stand alone. So you can use it in ROR 4.5


Hagan "Da James who is from" Moskau: Building and editing

Mark Colineri: Node Beam and some editing

Johan Seminario: Props

Klayton: Props

Blake Thompson: Request and testing




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35 minutes ago, Garrett Hanson said:

needs a mediafire link. game crashed

Erm, you mean that it needs the beau's 4x4 soundpack's zoomies sounds inside it?
I stuck it into my v4 folder (because why not, plus with that soundpack, it caused no crashing whatsoever.), and it worked just fine for me.

Anyhows, this truck is pretty good Hagan, nice work on it.

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