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Welcome to the first annual IndieJam! There's no BKT's, no fan judging, and no corporate BS; just straight up racing and freestyling. I really wanted to honor the independents of this sport, and this was the best way I could think of! This took about 3 months to make and definitely the best track I've ever made (as of now). Hope you all have fun!



Myself- Stadium Model, Photoshop stuff, some textures, houses

Slickster/Hot Shoe- Cars/Mini Van

Klayton- Cars, busses, vans, etc

MaxdMan- Cool props (Semis, minivans, boxvans etc.)

Edy- Light Poles

*Let me know if I forgot to credit you


Racing Track Explanation:




  • I am well aware of the small weird transparency error on the sign and fence, if anyone knows how to fix it pls PM me
  • If using with .37, .38, or .39, I highly recommend putting the sky type to "sandstorm" in config so you get a nighttime background
  • Racing is not easy, so practice a little on it and you'll get it
  • This will work on any version you want (.37, .38, .39, and .4) 
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That Track is really awesome looking  im gonna try it out and do some stuff on it (definetly have to practice the Racing part but i'l get it at some point) really nice Track Dude Peace Out B)

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On 11/2/2016 at 8:19 PM, TheMCCrafter777 said:

Noice job! you really put your effort into this!!! Btw thanks for making it for any version :) 

Hey MCC, Im Lovable! Lol. Hey MCC. I Have 0.37

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