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tampa custom 2016 1.0.0

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 ok lets just get something straight

i know this is bad, if i have time i will try and bake it so it looks better, this is my 1st track and i just want to get it finished and over with since its not that good of a track as i wouldve wanted it to be

also this is really slippery like really slippery, i changed the odef file to ice so if you dont want it like that just change it to grass or snow so its not that bad 


  • maxdman- props/ vehicles
  • edy- stadium model
  • rockcrawlers- prop pack/ vehicles 
  • thanks to chris for helping me with making this and also nitro psycho with helping me start  

if i forgot somebody please tell me 

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lol thnx i seen that it wasnt approved yet and i dint care because of how bad it is but if people enjoy it then i dont care, i wouldve made it better but i messed up on it and just said screw it since there was no way of fixing it so i just uploaded it for whoever cares lol but nice to know that its good. my next track will be better i promise lol

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I actually really like how this Track looks im also just waiting for someone to convert this awesome Track im really looking forward when i can just drive around on this awesome looking Track really nicely done there M8 Peace Out B) ( I already know im gonna really enjoy this Track)

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18 hours ago, monsterjam1 said:

what does it say?

I fixed it. A Houston2010.raw file was missing, but I took a Houston2010.raw file I had in another track .zip

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