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Heres a truck that i think turned out very good, big thanks to GDFAN14 for all the help on this truck. 


Chassis - Kozak

Paint - SDTV33 and some edits by me

Body - Diggerfan

Prop Placement - GDFAN14 and myself

Tires - John Dough

Engine - Wambo


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For some reason I am missing some material files and some png files. I'll list the lines that show what material files are missing.

1. Can't assign material SOLID/TEX/2015BTRim.png.png

2. Can't assign material TEX/BigfootShockShaft/SOLID/TEX/BigfootShockShaft.png

Onto the png's.

1. sudshine.png

2. sudspecmap.png

If you can help me find those missing files, that would be greatly appreciated.

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The truck doesn't crash. It just shows that materials are missing.

Also do you know where i can get sudshine.png and sudspecmap.png?

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