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Toronto 2018 1.0.0

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A project that has been many months in the work is now done. It was fun to make, even though I kept taking constant breaks because I had no motivation, lol. I decided to make this track because I wanted to challenge myself with a replica track for once instead of my crappy custom tracks. It's also an event that I went to, and it was probably one of the best years in Toronto since 2015 (Even though 2012 is my favorite, but 2018 is up there in the top 5 for me, lol). Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy driving on this track as much as I had fun making it! :)

(BTW, please don't ask me to make other tracks, I will choose what tracks I might attempt, I'm not taking requests that I have no interest in. And this works for .4 and should work for .3 as well)


From original 2015 track/stadium model:

Danny Mackey (Textures, Models)

Aaron Lurie (Paints)

Klayton Halog (Textures, Models)

Tharindu Don (Textures)

Sim-Monsters (Textures)

For the 2018 track/stadium:

Me: track paint, ramp modeling, banner work, track conversions

Maxdman: hybrid obstacles, banner work

RockCrwlr: Car models/paints


If you feel credit has been left out, then let me know so I can fix the credits!

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You did it again AB. Just amazing! Jumps could be a little smoother and less steep, but great first try!

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Overall a good track, but it seems underscaled.

Response from the author:

Like I said in Discord, the track was underscaled in real life, they shortened the dimensions of the track, which I personally don't like either, but it's more accurate

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Madness MT


Its a great looking track and all except I have a few complaints that you might want to look at if you seek to improve the track.

1: It seems too compact, like I got over a jump and I am already into the trucks or the backflip ramp.

2: Might just be me but there seems more lag on this track. It might be because you smoothed it incorrectly and created too many nodes but it just seems more laggy than other tracks.

Other than those 2 problems the track is fun to drive on and it is just as good as New Orleans.

Response from the author:

For the compaction part, the track was more compact this year than usual for this stadium, which I don't like either, but it makes it more accurate. And I think I did mess up smoothing it at 1 specific part (Where I subdivided the dirt a few too many times because I didn't know how to split the faces. I do know how to split the faces now, it was just that part I forgot to fix), if too many people have a huge lag problem with it, I'll fix it.

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