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2019 Grave Digger 34 (Revamped) 1

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Well, had sufficient time on my hands so I threw together a rushed Digger since I wanted to see how one would look with new props and stuff. None of it is 100% accurate although I wasn't going for accuracy anyways. Hope that it's fun to drive around in though and enjoy!


Me: Cloning and painting rims, adding Krysten's name on the door instead of Adam's for the updated paint for the normal season (Instead of the 35th Ann. Paint), Making the 3rd Gen BKTs more fps friendly for people with potato computers like me. Putting props on the (pre-modeled) chassis. 

Outlawed: Chassis Model/Various Props (?)

Fern: Props/Miscellaneous

RORSeries/Frank: I believe he is the one that did the Grave Digger 35 paint and I just added Krysten's name instead of Adam's on the door.

Rockgod: Original parts from his Grave Digger 34 and most of the node beam I think.

Sim Monsters Community: Anything else.

One last credit goes to @ItsLyfe for helping me by testing minor node beam edits and suspension setup related changes.


What's New in Version 1   See changelog


Added several new repli-custom variants so now the pack includes:

2019 Repli-Custom Grave Digger (Krysten Anderson Season)

2019 Repli-Custom Grave Digger 31 (Venard World Finals XVII)

2019 Repli-Custom Grave Digger 27 (Pauken World Finals XVI)

2019 Repli-Custom Grave Digger 25 (Kane World Finals XVII)

2019 Repli-Custom Grave Digger 25 (Kane World Finals XVI)

Each truck has a version with 3rd Generation BKT Tires (Truck name appears normal ingame) and a version with 2nd Generation BKT Tires (Labeled 2G ingame)

New Thumbnails all by me!

Hope you enjoy!

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   6 of 8 members found this review helpful 6 / 8 members

Yo I didn't know:

Every Grave Digger is the same

Sponsor panels go inside the chassis

Response from the author:

... Yes, thank you yet again. Next time how about you please read another review to make sure that it doesn't say the same exact thing or even more than yours will and just don't say anything about it. Thanks.

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   7 of 10 members found this review helpful 7 / 10 members

I can see a number of issues just from the pictures, 

-The body is miles high

-25 is not even a CRD

-a bunch of faces on the Chassis are inverted/doubled

-missing at least 3 texures on the body

-body is not edge split and has a seam line in the hood

-the engine block is untextured

-sponsor plates are clipping into the chassis

-non of the props are edge split

-the seat should not be on the frame rail (should be lifted)

-where is the middle lexan?

-lexan on the rear of the cab clips badly

-has nothing for an interior except a seat

-node has no halo

-flag has no support shocks (old mistake of myself)

-could have used a drop down menu at least for the tires, rather than having 10 truck files

-shocks clip heavily on the rear

-paints are not that great

-says 35 on the '34 paint'

-transfercase is untextured

-theres too many batteries and are untextured

-Pretty minor, but has shaky node


Overall, would not call this a Revamp, Could use more details (like an interior, 4link bolts), though it does handle ok, besides the flag. 

Response from the author:

Aplogies, I just wanted to see a Digger with more updated props and wasn't going for 100% anything. I'm surprised to see that you also seemed to find my handling somewhat decent since a lot of other people comment on that too. I'm assuming that by "clipping" you mean that the stuff is inside of the chassis which has already been mentioned. The paints were not of my concern that much as I just reused old paints (forgot to credit whoever did 31 Purple and 25 Orange paints oops). Overall just wanted something to play around with and that's what I got and when a few friends said they liked it I thought other people would too. I will keep this stuff in mind for future projects though so thank you.

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   3 of 8 members found this review helpful 3 / 8 members

I personally like this truck pack. It serves a purpose, and the trucks handle pretty well. It has imperfections, but as the creator states, "I threw together a rushed digger." Im sure we will see some completed versions in the future, but for now, they are quite nice.

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   0 of 4 members found this review helpful 0 / 4 members

It has some errors, but overall these are amazing.

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