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Orlando Monster Cross

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This is a random track produced by my own imagination, here is Orlando Monster Cross. This track came to life when in a skype call, someone suggested to have Monster Trucks on Supercross-type courses, and so the creation of this track was made! I tried to go easy on this layout of the jumps because it was one of my earlier creations, so there are some flaws in the track. Hope you guys enjoy this track!!! :D

<-- Track Explaination


Track Layout, Finish Line Texture- Me

Cars- Rockcrwlr/Mark Colineri/Danny Mackey

Stadium- Mark Colineri

Monster Jam Logo- Monster Jam (Go Figure :P)

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I like it! It makes ya think when you drive. Could have some incredible freestyle opportunities if you wanted to make a freestyle version.

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I find that Willman Chassis trucks work really well with their softer suspension,compared to CRDs.  Just a little thing i've found.

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I would love to see more of these made, great idea. My only gripe is that I wish there were a predefined starting line, but not a huge deal.

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Loving this track dude,damn near spot on ramps from power wheelys to full on airing out,I Like the way you have put a few tricky ones in there,hit em to hard n your over. Good work!

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