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  1. Hope i win my first fun run

  2. Every time i select this truck my game crashes...And blue thunder is one of my favorite trucks!!!
  3. Great job this is very cool AWESOME 10 out of 10 BRAVO!!!
  4. Please IM BEGGING YOU UPDATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. By this point almost everybody said make a freestyle and racing version of this and YOU NEED TO!!!!!!!!! Please, that would be awesome to actually get the big air that trucks got at WF 15!!! I don't have anything against any other tracks or i don't like the person who made them, it's just it would be AWESOME if us people on sim-monsters got a WF 15 TRACK!!! By the way nice beta version it's got a nice feel to it.
  6. Yay Metal Mulisha WF 15!!!

  7. I wish i was in the fun run series

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