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  1. 2021 cool lights @Chazzymp cool spec @Terron @Charger @fernBurn @4x4convoy @Andrew
  2. bruh............ @Charger @4x4convoy @Andrew @fernBurn @Chazzymp
  3. hurricane force replicustom, colors are a bit wrong @Charger @4x4convoy @fernBurn @Andrew
  4. wild card replictuom @Charger
  5. Here is obsesesed! BIG thanks to @Chazzymp custom brake discs and transfer case made by me, transfercase textured by edward beltran
  6. What's up guys, Lil Baby here. Haha but in all seriousness good evening everyone. I am currently typing this out as I listen to Hellcats and Trackhawks by Lil Durk. I'm with my dad while he DJs a prom and decided why not bring my laptop and get some work done you know? I've made some good progress on Eric Swanson's Obsessed. I'm utilizing Scott Stimson's driveshafts along with my good friend Fernando Martinez's sway bar arms. Finally, I'm using Kolten's rod ends for my sway bar links. Here's an image. As I wrap this up, Who Want Smoke by Natdo Wick is playing. Edit: Currently using a mobile hot spot right now so the image is not loading for me. https://imgur.com/IXbPBVW
  7. Thank you to my good friend Fernando Martinez for supplying me with many of his parts to utilize on this beautiful truck. @fernBurn
  8. View File 2005 Ford Expedition this is is the body too extreme uses yay so cool download this Submitter Terron Submitted 05/12/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
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