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(tracks) RORFT World Finals II

Chris B

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RORFT World Finals II

Very fun project that's gonna be used for Carkiller458's RORFT World Finals II on YouTube. Track uses the 2-day format, has a boat, 6 backflip ramps, a perfect front flip opportunity, and more. One of the most fun tracks I've ever made.


Important Stuff:

  • This track will work on any version (tested on .38 and .4.7)
  • This track uses a cool night time setting. Set "Sky type" in graphic settings to "sandstorm" to use
  • The back of the LED boards for racing have been taken out for better vision in the turns



Me- Boat, banners, updated TV screen stuff, all the RORFT textures, etc




Aaron Lurie


(Probably forgot a ton of people, tell me if so)



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