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How To Get Your Truck Approved For Season 4


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Please email your .truck file or complete zip to outlawedracing@aol.com
If you are just sending the .truck file you can attach it to the email directly (typical email services limit attachments to 25mb) or the download link to your truck zip.
I will check your truck and let you know if it is legal. If it is, you will be good to update your sign up information to include a download link. If it is not, I will fix it and send you the updates so you can compete.

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Trucks Currently Approved:
Nicholas Kozak-Assault Rig
Tyler May-Snap on Torque
Jon Cannon-Can Am X Team
Robbie Milburn-Red Bull Steel Phantom
Blake Thompson-Takin It Easy
Jon Zimmer Jr-Hot Line Miami
Matt Tyrrell-Fuel Injection
Rocco -Perpetual Destruction II
Tom Deents-Papa Wheelie
Marcelo Mendoza-War Machine
Damian Bowers-Untapped Rage
Mason Thompson-Blue Thunder
Dalton Widner-Monster Hack

Blaise Zantinge-Fired Up
Dillon Kearns-Avenger
Jackson Brammer-Pistol Whipped
Corey New-WW III

Micheal Murray-Alcohol Abuse
Andrew Wamsley-Wonder Wagon
Zach Nicholas-Powervolt Overload
Fernando Martinez-Dumb Tough
Jonathan Soto-Nitro Psycho
Ryan McCauley-The Punisher
Marty Hussey-Carmageddon
Brad Shaw-Smash Squad
Jack McCarthy-Strictly Business
Andrew Sheets-Dragon
Keaton Barney-Aces High
Chadwick Deerfoot-Send It!
Max Halpert-Revenge
Seth Holloway-Screamin Evil
David Trevino-Time Flys Custom

Chris Bialek-PyroManiac
Micheal Alford-Whirlwind
Jack McCarthy-Strictly Business
Sean Ryan-Hired Guns
Shane Roediger-Falken Tires MT
David Karlsson-Defender
Kyle Knickerbocker-Hoonitruck
Nathan Smith-Renegade  
Joey Burgy-Mutant
Wilson Hill-An Escalade
Brandon Scalf-The Red

Trucks Currently Not Approved:
 Frank Collins-Taco Truck Mulisha @GDFAN14
 Daniel Bouchard-Frontline 4x4 @Dexter249

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