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Baltimore, MD July 9th Monster Jam


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Truck Line-Up

Grave Digger ® - Dennis Anderson

Maximum Destruction® - Tom Meents

AAP Grinder™ - Lupe Soza

Monster Mutt® Dalmatian - Candice Jolly

Air Force Afterburner® - Damon Bradshaw

Lucas Oil Crusader™ - Linsey Weenk

El Toro Loco® - Chuck Werner

Grave Digger the Legend™ - Adam Anderson

Nitro Circus - Travis Pastrana

Avenger - Jim Koehler

Brutus - Chris Bergeron

Backdraft - Jeremy Slifko

Son UVA Digger® - Ryan Anderson

Superman™ - Chad Fortune

Captain’s Curse® - Alex Blackwell

Ironman - Lee O'Donnell

ok, uh......... HOLY ********************! this is my first big stadium show i have ever gone to. and this is the updated schedule as of 6/15/11.

may i also add that pastrana is going to be in Nitro Circus?

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