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Talladega Nights 250 - Talladega Night 2011 6/29


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Drivers, don't start your motors...OK, its time to get the nr2k3 league back on the road to glory! This wednesday we will be hitting up the one and only 2.66 mile super speedway in Talladega, Alabama. Same rules as usual no damage, simulated cautions..and no asspacking allowed. Still up in the air on what Dega track to use, but we will vote on it in the pre-race meeting.

See yall there, same times as usual.

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Aight, We will start the race around 9:00pm est, 9:30pm est..Talladega of course, during pre race meeting we will decide what track yall would like to use. I'm sure we will use the same setup from the last dega race which everyone seemed to like. Practice will start about a half hour before. Let me know if you can make it tonight.

Me and roach by ourselves ran here, steady frame rates, track looks excellent and the same grip levels as the world famous Brian Ring tracks used for 2 and 3 and sometimes 4 wide racing. Roach and my lap times were fast and easy to control averaging 194mph just with two cars..should be fun with more!

Track Download

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1. Josh Rhodes Laps lead 19

2. Eric Campodonico Laps Lead 7

3. Michael DesRoches Laps Lead 8

4. Ryan McCauley Laps Lead 4 (Pole)

5. Casey Graves Laps Lead 11

6. Chris Kaelin Laps Lead 7

Lead Changes 33 (7 Drivers)

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