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(2/14/21) FBS 9: The Calm Before The Storm (Fall Madness V)

Brad Kerlin

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Tonight FBS rolls on with FBS 9! Last time out we saw a absolutely incredible show that saw Blake Thompson become the brand new Division 1 Champion, and Josh Kingma and Christian Leneud put on the best match FBS has seen yet! Now we look towards tonight a this is the last event before FBS 10, so every driver here tonight will be looking to make a statement before the biggest show FBS has seen yet. In the main event, we will see who will challenge Blake Thompson for the Division 1 Title at FBS 10, as Tyler May will take on Chadwick Deerfoot. Tyler has just lost the Division 1 Title to Blake after a incredible history-making run with it, so Tyler is definitely looking to get back in the title picture and prove that his title reign was no fluke. But Chadwick is always talking about a few more world titles before he hangs up the controller, so he definitely wants the Division 1 Title. Both these men have something to prove and with a title opportunity on the line, this match will truly be a battle worth remembering. Also we will see Ike Toussaint take on Max Halpert! Ike has yet to grab a win here in FBS, so he's looking to finally get his first win and show Christian Leneud that at FBS 10, he's taking on no slouch. But he is facing Max Halpert. Max is definitely one of the toughest competitors to beat on this site in every competition. And he hasn't been able to compete at all since FBS 0, so he is definitely looking to once again prove his dominance. Also, we will see Austin Dahlgren take on Eduardo Daminan! Austin was unfortunately not able to make last week's event which means he had to miss out on a Division 2 Title opportunity, so he is definitely looking to show why he is deserving of that title. But Eduardo has been a mainstay of Division 2 since the beginning of FBS, but he hasn't quite been able to get into the title picture for Division 2. Both these men want a title opportunity, and this match may very well determine who gets one, and who doesn't. Also we will see Brandon Adam take on Brian Parker, Alex Ferullo face Armando Barbosa, Angel Garcia going toe-to-toe with Dominic Hocutt, and Devon Dunlap battle Cole C.. For FBS 9 we are heading to Fall Madness V! This track is the biggest track we have seen yet, and these drivers will have plenty of space to work with. But with a lot of very interesting obstacles including a container jump, maybe the biggest van stack ever, and much more, these drivers better be careful or they'll get tripped up and be sent over. This is the last event before FBS 10, and most of these drivers are looking to get on the card. But with one chance left, it'll be very interesting to see who does what with it. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST)

7:00 PM - Austin Dahlgren v. Eduardo Damian

7:20 PM - Cole C. v. Devon Dunlap

7:40 PM - Brandon Adam v. Brian Parker

8:00 PM - Alex Ferullo v. Armando Barbosa

8:20 PM - Angel Garcia v. Dominic Hocutt

8:40 PM - Ike Toussaint v. Max Halpert

9:00 PM - Chadwick Deerfoot v. Tyler May (#1 Contenders for Division 1 Title)


Track Link: 


See you tonight!

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Match 1: 
Austin Dahlgren: 31.5+4.5=36 
Eduardo Damian: 25.5+5.5=31

Match 2: 
Cole C.: 35+34=69

Devon Dunlap: 35.5+7=42.5

Match 3: 
Brandon Adam: 35.5+38=73.5
Brian Parker: 32+22=54

Match 4: 
Armando Barbosa: 4+35=39
Alex Ferullo: 34.5+3.5=38

Match 5: 
Dominic Hocutt: 20+0=20
Angel Garcia: 0+0=0

Match 6:
Ike Toussaint: 36.5+37=73.5
Max Halpert: 36+37=73

Match 7: 
Chadwick Deerfoot: 35.5+37=72.5 
Brad Kerlin: 33+26=59

Match Of The Night: Ike Toussaint v. Max Halpert

Freestyle Of The Night: Brandon Adam - Round 2

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