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(2/28/21) FBS 10: The Boys Are Back In Town, One More Time (FBS Las Vegas)

Brad Kerlin

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Tonight we see the culmination of one of the most innovative concepts that Sim-Monsters.com has ever seen. 3 months ago, the journey began. And over the past 3 months the best competitors this site has ever seen fought tooth and nail in order to prove that they are all worth something. Champions were crowned, new stars were made, and some of the best action this site has ever seen took place. Tonight, FBS 10 is the ultimate showcase of what we now know as Freestyle Battle Series. And this is greatest card possible for a event of this magnitude. In the main event, after finally earning the Division 1 Title he sought after since the beginning, Blake Thompson now in his first defense, faces maybe his greatest challenge yet, in Chadwick Deerfoot. Ever since FBS 6, Chadwick has fought his way through the best of Division 1 in order to get this title shot. And Chadwick talks about a few more world titles under his belt before he hangs up the controller, so he is definitely looking to make the Division 1 Title one of them. But Blake has fought for the Division 1 Title for so long, and now that he has it, he might as well have a dearth grip on the title in order to not let it go. Both these men have earned the main event slot for a event of this magnitude, now let's see if they can live up to it, and who lives up to be Division 1 Champion. And, for the Division 2 Title, Jackson Meszaros defends the title against Cameron Perkins. Jackson has been unbeatable ever since FBS has started, and he is not looking to stop this roll he's on any time soon. But Cameron has also been unbeatable ever since he's stepped foot in FBS, and he has all the momentum in the world heading into his biggest match yet. Both these men are have yet to be beaten, so by the end of this match, one of these men will have suffered their first loss, and the other will be Division 2 Champion. Also in a special attraction match, Brad Kerlin takes on Danny Mackey! We all know how dangerous of a competitor Danny is, so it should be interesting to see how he handles his first match in FBS. But even though Brad has yet to win a match yet, he makes every match he's in one for the ages. This may seem like a massive mismatch on paper, but I can assure you this match is bound to be something to see. Also, in a number one contenders match for the Division 1 Title, Alex Ferullo takes on Bryant Steggall! Alex has definitely shown his worth since debuting in FBS, so it's time to see if he is worthy of a Division 1 Title shot. But Bryant can be seen as maybe the best competitor in Division 1 right now, and it's just a matter of time before the DIvision 1 Title is on the horizon for him. And, in a number one contenders match for the Division 2 Title, Austin Dahlgren takes on Josh Kingma! Both these guys have turned heads in their amazing performances so far, and the officials of FBS have determined to make this match a number one contenders match, so this match is definitely going to be one to watch. Also we will see Christian Leneud and Ewan Ford take on Ike Toussaint and Tyler May in the first tag team match in FBS, Brandon Adam faces Adrian Cooper, Tyler Richmond go toe-to-toe with Chris Bialek, and Devon Dunlap take on Eduardo Damian. For FBS 10, we are heading to FBS Las Vegas! This track gives off a old school meets new school vibe with a triple bus stack, a center fountain jump, a rock pile container truck obstacle, and also a variation to a arena pod, multiple arena obstacles in jumps, and a backflip wall. This track is definitely worthy of being the playing field for FBS 10. This event will cement Freestyle Battle Series as one of the best concepts ever to come to Sim-Monsters.com. All of these matches could main event any show. And there all on one card. Tonight is where moments are made, champions are crowned, and history is written. This is FBS 10. See you on the track!


Match Card: (Times are in EST)

7:00 PM - Adrian Cooper v. Brandon Adam

7:20 PM - Devon Dunlap v. Eduardo Damian

7:40 PM - Chris Bialek v. Tyler Richmond

8:00 PM - Christian Leneud & Ewan Ford v. Ike Toussaint & Tyler May

8:20 PM - Jackson Meszaros v. Cameron Perkins (Division 2 Title)

8:40 PM - Austin Dahlgren v. Josh Kingma (#1 Contenders for Division 2 Title)

9:00 PM - Brad Kerlin v. Danny Mackey

9:20 PM - Alex Ferullo v. Bryant Steggall (#1 Contenders for Division 1 Title)

9:40 PM - Blake Thompson v. Chadwick Deerfoot (Division 1 Title)


Track Link: 


See you tonight!

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Hey I just want to give you guys a huge shoutout for tonight.  This was my first FBS event and it was a blast, I really had a fun time trying to plan out my two runs.  GG to Brad, I went hard in the second run but just couldn't fill time.

I got to see what FBS was all about in preparing for this event, and I really look forward to whatever you guys have planned next.  It's great to see the live stream worked out well too.  This is a really cool format for a league and I think there's a great chance to do even more cool match ups and events.  I suggest everyone try to compete whenever more events get announced!

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