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Fatal error keeps popping up



Hi, so I have been struggling so much with Rigs over the past week, at least it feels that long. It started when the game simply was not opening, and I decided "restarting my computer should be fine enough, right?" Well, it messed my computer up. I was able to reinstall the game initially, then all the trucks (except NAMT) spawn-stalled. I had someone look into it with me to see if there's any coding error, it doesn't look like it. I also am no expert with coding. That led me to uninstalling, then reinstalling multiple times. The truck issue did not change, so I cleared every bit of data out of my computer from that game, and wanted to start fresh. I'm downloading the 2021.04 version, and I believe there is a bug with that version because every time it opens, "Fatal Error" pops up, and closes the game. I've googled possible fixes, and one said to go into my documents, into Rigs, and delete the config folder. Well, that didn't help it. 

Is there something I'm missing? Anything know something that I don't? I've played this game on my HP laptop and has worked just fine for a year until now.

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