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  1. so my game has WAYYYY too much fog and the skyboxes dissapeared PLZ HELP i dont want to switch to beamng
  2. when i load up RoR i get HORRIBLE amounts of fog plz help before i get BeamNGDrive
  3. Here is a trio of F150s we start with Monster Energy (Coty) with a big revamp this pack also includes the 2017 and a Mutant body! Next we have Nokia N-GAGE and Hot Wheels from arnhem 2006 NOTE: these are in HEAVY WIP Nokia should not have BKTs and Hot Wheels needs a yellow rollcage i will keep you up to date when they are finished next we have Jetix 2021 a truck that @Dogecoin was working on i made it for him and i think i am the only person to get the roof like the real truck and last we have the Arnhem 2013 edition of Disney XD on the Blue Thunder chassis these will be released soon so keep an eye out for them
  4. so i am trying to convert RORMJ World Finals 9 and when i load it there is no dirt PLZ HELP ita just the sky
    Man. its been years since we last saw this truck so long that i forgot it myself
    WAKANDA FOREVER Ok great truck
    WE FINALLY HAVE A FIRE MAX-D HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Philly Encore Trucks are: Dragons Breath Disney XD Jetix Safe Auto Minimizer Iron Warrior M2D Camo Thunder Grave Digger Traxxas T-MAXX
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