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Backdraft 2021, regular or black body

Vortex Chaos

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UPD as of August 31st, 2021 - Still looking for someone willing to give me a hand if willing/possible!


For the black version:

Name: Backdraft

Body: Dodge Ram (firetruck)

Chassis: CRD

Engine: 536 Merlin, any engine is fine though. I'm not one for specifics.

Tires: Terra/BKT

Other details: Working lights would be cool, but I doubt that anybody would be willing to put in the time to do that haha. 
I'm requesting a truck because I'm trying to sign up for XMT in a replica but pretty much all the replicas available are taken in the bronze category, so this is sort of a last resort cuz i don't know how to make a truck.






For the regular version:

Name: Backdraft

Body: Custom International Firetruck

Chassis: CRD

Engine: Merlin 536

Tires: BKTs or firestones.




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