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RORMJL Season 6

Vegas Golden Knights

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With sign ups complete, lineup changes done due to drops and etc, the road to Season 6 is approaching! We are a full 2 months away from the first stops. A lot of what I'm about to say was shown on the sign ups forum but it is a good time for a refresher as everyone is building their trucks and getting ready for the new season. 

Tour Management
Each series will be ran by a different RORMJL host. New to Season 6 will be 2 events running at once. This will make it more efficient to get events done and less work on myself and TJ each weekend. I would like to introduce our new hosts for Season 6 @CMDeerfoot and @Mark Colineri. Chadwick will be managing Arena Tour East on Sundays while Mark will be running Arena Tour Central on Fridays. I will be hosting Arena Tour West on Thursday nights and TJ will be running both Stadium series, Red on Saturday and Yellow on Sunday.

Important Links
Season Spreadsheet: 
Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eIKmkJaZbnvYMuAK0t9akcvtcTl-nbt09Ll5jQyMIcY/edit
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RigsOfRodsMonsterJamLive
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rormjl/

The rulebook is an important read, make sure you do so as it includes required engine settings for the season.

Stadium Tour Yellow
Avenger - Josh Gajewski
Axe/Rod Ryan - Christian Lenued
Bakugan Dragonoid - Brandon Adam
El Toro Loco - Julian Deshazer
Grave Digger - Nick Worthmen
Jurassic Attack - Josh Kingma
Megalodon - Travis Palm
Monster Mutt - Austin Dahlgren
Soldier Fortune - Nick Tedrick
Son-Uva Digger - Izzy Martinez
Vendetta - Irving Marin
Zombie - Adam Boyne

Stadium Tour Red
Bad Company - Joey Burgy
Black Pearl - Brad Kerlin
Blue Thunder - Mark Colineri
El Toro Loco - Ewan Ford
Grave Digger - Jack Merkle
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior - Alex Ferullo 
Jester - Jackson Morris
Kraken - Trent Phung
Lucas Stabilizer - Aaron Lurie
Max-D - Devin Doss
Over Bored - Rogelio Hernandez
Saigon Shaker - Tristan Livdahl

Arena Tour West
EarthShaker - Max Halpert
Grave Digger - TJ Richmond
Jailbird - Zach Antezana
Jurassic Attack - Armando Barbosa
Megalodon - Konner Bauer
Nitro Menace - Sean Ryan
Rockwell R.E.D. - Max Silver
Scooby-Doo! - JJ Bennett

Arena Tour East
Bad News Travels Fast - Omar Camacho
Dragon - Chris Bialek
El Toro Loco - Jayden McClam
Grave Digger - Blake Thompson
Hooked - Ryan Grindley
Jurassic Attack - Aaron Roedl
Stone Crusher - Hayden Houts
Whiplash - Mario Ortega

Arena Tour Central
El Toro Loco - Jeremy Castillo
Grave Digger - Jackson Meszaros
Max-D - Adrian Cooper
Raminator - Andrew Martinez
Rammunition - Ethan Izik
Soldier Fortune Black Ops - Jaden Greene
Terminal Velocity - Brandon Helms
Wild Side - Chadwick Deerfoot

Lineups are subject to change.

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