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How Do you Add a Sound/Engine File to a Truck?



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Its not super difficult but it does require some file editing. Lets take one of JackM's new packs as an example.

Step 1: Download the below file pack


Step 2: Open the .Zip which was just downloaded. Copy all of the files inside the .zip into your trucks folder or zip file.

Step 3:  We need to find the names of the sound scripts which are part of this Fleet Zoomie pack we just downloaded. Open up the FleetZoomies.soundscript file in notepad. Inside you will find two functions. One called "FleetZoomies" and the other called "FleetZoomiesStart". These are the sound scripts which we need for Rig Of Rods to play sounds when our trucks do something. Remember these names and we can now close this file.

Step 4: Open up the .truck file of the truck you would like to add sounds to with notepad. Inside the file, look for a line called "soundsources". Under the line is where we will place the name of our soundscripts so that RoR can attach those sounds to this truck. You should see a number and then a name. The number is the node where the sound will come from. I suggest not changing this value unless you're familiar with node beams, it may be different for every truck. Next to the number is the name of a sound script. We will replace the current sound script names with the two we just retrieved in step 3. Feel free to delete any extra lines which are not used by our new sound files. Below is an example of the end result:


98, FleetZoomies
98, FleetZoomiesStart

Step 5: Save the .truck file and play!

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