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Event #2 -- Anaheim, CA -- Angels Stadium

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Nothing is really gonna change for this week so this should be short. The track is gonna be a bit confusing for those who have never seen an Anaheim style course so I'll post a video of how to navigate this trick course. It is really tight and is really easy to mess up on. You are going to get 1 qual run again this week so I would practice one lane and get it down for qualifying then trying the other one out. Freestyle can be really tight if you try going big in a couple spots, the walls can come up on you quick here so just know where you are on the floor and where the walls are. I think the layout is gonna make for some pretty interesting freestyles and some pretty sick cross threads.

Here is the video of the racing layout

Qualifying Times

Bounty Hunter - 23.198

Grinder - 23.48

Tropical Thunder - 23.96

Maximum Destruction - 24.30

Jurassic Attack - 24.48

Gunslinger - 24.88

Monster Mutt - 25.06

Avenger - 25.36

Grave Digger - 26.162

Bigfoot - 26.52

Nitro Circus - 33.72

Air Force Afterburner - DNF

Event Recap

The Sim-Monsters Racing League visited Anaheim, CA for their second race of the season but the results showed that it would not be much different than the first. After a poor qualifying run Grave Digger would go on to claim the racing victory for the second straight race. All be it that he would have to really earn it barely beating the Air Force Afterburner in the semi-finals which would end up being the race of the night and won the championship race over Gunslinger in another nail biter that this tricky track would seem to produce the entire night. In freestyle though Grave Digger would go over early and Maximum Destruction would receive a 30 and is trying to run away from the pack in the freestyle points. Next week the trucks tackle the Figure 8 layout at Rocky Mountain Raceway.


-Round 1-

#1 Bounty Hunter def #16 Brutus

#15 Bad News Travels Fast def #2 Grinder

#3 Tropical Thunder def #14 Blacksmith

#13 Pastrana 199 def #4 Maximum Destruction

#12 Air Force Afterburner def #5 Jurassic Attack

#6 Gunslinger def #11 Nitro Circus

#10 Bigfoot def #7 Monster Mutt

#9 Grave Digger def #8 Avenger

-Round 2-

#9 Grave Digger def #1 Bounty Hunter

#10 Bigfoot def #15 Bad News Travels Fast

#12 Air Force Afterburner def #13 Pastrana 199

#6 Gunslinger def #3 Tropical Thunder

-Semi Finals-

#9 Grave Digger def #12 Air Force Afterburner **Race of the Night**

#6 Gunslinger def #10 Bigfoot


#9 Grave Digger def #6 Gunslinger


Maximum Destruction - 30

Air Force Afterburner - 25

Bigfoot - 24

Monster Mutt - 24

Gunslinger - 24

Grave Digger - 23

Avenger - 21

Brutus - 21

Bad News Travels Fast - 18

Blacksmith - 18

Nitro Circus - 17

Bounty Hunter - 16

Grinder - 11

Jurassic Attack - 11

Tropical Thunder - 9

Pastrana 199 - 0

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