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PENDA Points Series pack


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You wouldn't be the first person to have this idea but making trucks can be a time consuming and difficult process. Especially when you're talking older trucks with fewer reference images and lesser used suspension types.

Besides, most of the main PENDA trucks have already been built in some form.

Just recently, some of the earlier and more obscure PENDA trucks were released: This includes, Tropical Thunder, Night Life, Above-N-Beyond, UFO, American Gladiators and Gun Slinger. A similar Bear Foot Racer is in here too but I don't believe it ever ran as a leafer in PENDA.

Wambo built Extreme Overkill and Nightmare II

If you're talking PENDA, you probably want Bigfoot stuff. While Bigfoot is certainly not well represented here, the PENDA variations were made awhile back by Swegliner

Taurus and Monster Patrol are other big names in PENDA. Sweg has us covered when it comes to them too. This also has Don Van Loo's Magnum Force which was on the PENDA tour.


DiggerFan built AVKK.

The famous 91 Snake Bite is here, well known for its crashes during PENDA:

A repli-custom Carolina Crusher III which won the 1991 PENDA championship is in this pack:

Lastly, some older trucks were built here that don't work any longer like Wambo's No problem, Wild Foot and Big Foot 10. An updated version is included in this pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/csajw5m6bfzkpno/Rebuiltv4pack-v1.3.zip/file

If you look at more recent downloads, anything marked as MTP might of interest. They're modern takes on older trucks for a league which was run and there were some penda trucks included in the lineup.

Theres other stuff around too that I didn't include on this. There still some stuff missing of course, but it depends on the year you're looking for.

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