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UPDATED August 2nd ,2018

I know some other communities have a lot of people ask for fonts which I've seen a few times here so...here you go. If you want to submit a font please post a reply with a link, any links with illegal/stolen fonts will be removed and you will be suspended for a minimum of 1 week.

This list is either the actual font or one extremely close, please not that even the exact font may have been edited or stylized specifically for that name. These are fonts, not logos, if you are just looking for a logo please look through our logo thread.


**Under Constructions || Google Spreadsheet Coming Soon**

Trucks and Truck Related Fonts

Bounty Hunter/Scarlet Bandit "You can run but you can't hide"  Hurtmold

Antilles King Krunch

American Captain Captain America

Carnivalee Freakshow Gunslinger, Slinger

Quincaille Higher Education

Boneyard Army Liquidator

Ballpark Weiner Overkill

Batman Forever The Patriot

Firestarter Destroyer (2004-2012)

Foo Time Flys

Frostbitten Wanker Ice Cream Man

Lintsec Rammunition

Burning Wrath Stinger, Xtermigator

SF Aftershock Debris Double Trouble, Ground Pounder, King Krunch, Storm Damage

Mad Science Overbored

Minangkabau Titan

Dark Crystal Script Bad Habit

Other Related Fonts

Monster Jam XXII Don't Mess With Vikings

Monster X Tour I want my TTR

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As said in SYP, the "I AIN'T NO MUTT!!!" Text on the back of Brutus is a stock windows font called Mistral.



Also, someone pin this topic in the Monster Trucks section. Seriously, it needs life. That means RKM Should update his first post with all the found fonts to make things easier, if not, i will. either way, pin it.

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Another discovery, the CAUTION text on Wrecking Crew seems to be another stock windows font called "Utsaah", scaled vertically with a little stroke around the edges. And the WRECKING CREW stuff is Stencil.


The Avenger/Brutusracing.com text on the windshields is Gill Sans Ultra Bold.


they really like stock fonts it seems

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