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Heavy Metal (Old Roblox Custom)


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First of all, yes, I said Roblox. But, I assure you, i'm about done with the peopel over there. About time to move on.

Basicly, if anyone's ever seen it, i'd like some to at least try to make my old custom truck on here. The truck was named Heavy Metal due to my intrests in Metallica, and also, my name. (Metallica530)

Heres a few specs on what it looks like.

Body: 1965 Mustang GT500 (If you've seen the truck Blue Max just go with that body.)

Rims: Black interior with red beadlocks.

Paint: Mainly jet black with red flames. The nose should be painted red though so the flames kinda look like there coming all the way up onto the hood.

Decals: I dunno. Gotta find a way to get the ones from the Roblox version onto here..so... you can wing it for now, if ya want.

Thats basicly it. So why you still reading this? don't you have something to do...?

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