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Does anyone here play DayZ? If you don't know a clue about DayZ its a Zombie Simulator. You have to find things to survive and you can get crs and all that. So Does anyone here play it? Just want to know. It's a REALLY cool game you should check it out!

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Everyone is apparently answering yet they have no idea what they're talking about.


Look up the Zoombies mod, it's a port of DayZ to Arma 3 Alpha, nothing has been changed at all. So yes, it works perfectly. Graphics are 10x better too.


Apparently you have no Idea how to read. DayZ is not compatible with arma 3 alpha. You clearly just contradicted yourself by saying to get a different software to play on arma 3. It a very terrible port that plays no where close to the arma 2 version.

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