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Statement On Joe Lowe


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I saw this posted on Facebook though everyone would like to take a read.

"OK folks, it's time to get it out there and tell it like it is. I have Stage 4 cancer. My liver, stomach and esophagus. Not a good. After a few false starts because the tests keep getting worse we will finally begin Chemo Monday. I have some kind of a line put in today and then a weekend without going to the hospital. In short, 3-6 months is the time line but if my body responds to chemo I could have a year of more. they are also putting in a stint to help me eat as the cancer has things mostly blocked. So much to do and now so little time. Love all of you, Joe"

Everyone keep Joe and his family in your prayers.


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Today, the monster truck industry and the world has lost a great being. Long time monster truck announcer, and Owensboro,KY radio announcer Joe Lowe has passed away today from esophageal cancer. Joe had been in chemo for about the past couple months, and today has passed away from his growing esophageal cancer. Joe was such an inspiration and energetic guy. He announced at the very first monster truck show I had ever went to. I have talked to Joe many times before in the past. I would have to say he was someone that I always wanted to meet and talk to at a monster truck show. I can speak for all of us when I say all of us are deeply saddened, and my deepest condolences and thoughts go out to the Lowe family. Rest in peace Joe. God speed.

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I'm sad to hear this... I remember when I first started to watch and love monster trucks... Joe Lowe was the voice that came along with it.. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. The world of monster trucks has lost a great man, and ambassador for the sport. God Bless!!

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