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Since I know a few of us have started playing this randomly and enjoying the circuit aspect and trying to beat each others lap times...we could use a list. I guess just post your best times on what tracks you like and we can have a little friendly competition. So here is my list of my 3 fastest times on each track, feel free to try and beat my times listed below. B)




Crazy '98

  1. RKM - 0:41.81 - Suspension: Soft Tread: Medium Gearing: 1900
  2. RKM - 0:41.96 - Suspension: Soft Tread: Medium Gearing: 1900
  3. RKM - 0:42.05 - Suspension: Soft Tread: Medium Gearing: 1900

-I can relax finally, I knew after I got under 0:42.20 that a 41 was possible.




Last Updated on 2/23/2014

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