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New Orleans 1999 Fun Run 2/28/14

Trenton Ray

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This Friday were going old school with New Orleans 1999

Both replica and customs are allowed

Name: Trenton Ray

Truck: Barbarian

AIM: owned1.5631@gmail.com

Event: This event will start out with racing (how long racing will take is determined on the lineup) with racing rules are no saves and rii's will be active in racing then intermission will take place (5 minutes at max) freestyle will replicate what they did in 1999 its all for the fan's everything is open on the track and two trucks will go at a time

if you hit the wall you are done

Chat goes up at 5:30 (CT) and ends at 7:30 (CT)


Trenton Ray - Barbarian

Darkfrenzy20 - Gravedigger

Noah Chiasson - Northern Nightmare

somaruth - Goldberg

Joshua micks - monster energy ultra blue

Voth - wild wolf

Jack - Avenger

Yovany Rayos - El toro loco 2013

Chase Phill - Grave Digger The Legend

Hope to see you guy sign up!

Edit:I am in need of a server

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