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Minny 2012 Fun Run Today @ 6:00


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So this is my first fun run sorry if its kinda lame i just kinda want to get a feel for the whole fun run/ league

Sign up in this format:





The fun run only uses the Sim-Monsters V4 pack.

Track link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/898-minneapolis-122012/

Trucks are: any truck in sim-monsters v4 pack

Jobs are: AIM call in person, 6 judges, 3 officials

(tell me if there's anything i'm missing please

My application is

Name: BobJones23

Truck: Son-uva Digger

AIM: danielw@visi.com

We are using the CIFPO public server 0.37

Fun Run is back on!!!!!

we will meet at 7:00 unless told otherwise

sorry for the short notice

AIM driver's meeting starts at 6:30 unless told otherwise

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