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Fun Run @ Houston 2013 (Jan.)

Noah Chiasson

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Fun-Run @ Houston 2013 (Jan.)

In honor of Ragged Edge Racing Series, we will be heading to Houston for a little Fun-Run! All info can be found below, thanks for participating!


All participants will earn 5 points in RERS, but you have to compete. Winners will get 10 points.

Here is the track: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1197-houston-2013-january/

You can run any Replica truck.

This event will consist of Racing and Freestyle.

Racing will be identical to a real Monster Jam event. The number of competitors who will advance straight to Round 2 will be decided by the size of the line-up. Who advances will be random.

Freestyle will also replicate a real Monster Jam event. Each truck will be allowed 1min 30sec of Regulation, followed by 30sec of Bonus time. If your truck is still on all 4's you may continue to freestyle but it WILL NOT BE SCORED!

An RII official will RII you if he feels it is necessary. If you are RII'd, then you should shut your truck off and stand by for further instruction. If you flip in Racing DO NOT SAVE! Doing so will result in a loss of lane choice. If you do not agree with a call made by the RII official, please wait until AFTER the event to consult me, or another official.

If you can provide any help, then it would be much appreciated. I mainly need someone to host a server, and/or livestream for the event, so if you can do either of these than please let me know in your sign-up.

Sign-ups should be in this format:

Name: Noah Chiasson
AIM: thenoahc@gmail.com
Truck: Grinder 2013
Link (if not v4): http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1363-grinder-2013/


Please include your first and last name in your sign-up.


If there has been an updated version of your truck, then please state whether or not you would like to use the updated one.

Fun-Run will be held on Friday, April 4.

Chat will open @ 4:00PMcst/5:00PMest
Chat will close 10min after the final truck has FS.

Have fun Sign-Ups are Closed!

1. Noah Chiasson- Grinder 2013
2. Alex Steinhaus- Monster Mutt Rottweiler 2014
3. Trevor Amos- River Rat
4. Bob Jones- Mohawk Warrior
5. Jack- Avenger

Trenton Ray- Jurassic Attack
6. Joshua Micks- Maximum Destruction
7. Andrew Marsh- Bad Habit
8. Ricky Garcia- Monster Mutt Pauken

9. Seth Holloway- Grave Digger The Legend

10. Alex "Voth" Lindgren- Thrasher 

11. Nicholas Miller- Metal Mulisha

12. Sonny Waddel- Nitro Circus

13. Maxwell Adams- Grave Digger 30th Green

14. Blaise Zantinge- Northern Nightmare

15. Andrew Sheets- Lucas Oil Crusader

16. Zach Steele- Titan



Racing- Andrew Sheets in Lucas Oil Crusader!

Freestyle- Seth Holloway in Grave Digger The Legend and Andrew Sheets in Lucas Oil Crusader with scores of 27!


Thanks to everyone who came out! I had a really great time, even though it didn't go 100% as planned.

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ill need a fill in i cant make it

No need for a fill in. Just need to note that Jurassic Attack is open!


Only more days until the event! As of now, there is a total of 10 trucks in the line-up; I would like to have at least 14 or 16 trucks total for the event. Thanks to all who have signed up/are signing up.

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